Here’s what’s on the cart each morning.

Note that some items have limited availability. Give us a call to see what’s in stock and have something set aside.

Our hours change on occasion. Find our most up-to-date info on Google Maps.

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Blueberry Almond Denver Danish toasted brioche slice | blueberry compote | almond cream | sliced almonds $4

Raspberry Cheesecake Denver Danish toasted brioche slice | raspberry jam | cream cheese danish filling $4

Lemon Cream Cheese Denver Danish toasted brioche slice | honey simple syrup | lemon curd | cream cheese danish filling cream | powdered sugar $4

Arugula Parmesan Denver Danish toasted brioche slice | bechamel with arugula | parmesan $5

Brioche Jam Bun (think: jelly donut, but baked and even better) brioche | raspberry jam OR nutella $3.5

Everything Bagel Puff (weekends only) brioche | everything bagel spice | parmesan | sunflower seeds | dijon cream cheese filling $5

Spirits-Glazed Brioche Roll (weekends only) house brioche | cinnamon sugar | boozy glaze (i.e. maple bourbon, coffee liqueur, orange amaretto) $4.5

Buttermilk Biscuit (weekends only) house jam $4

Zia Lori’s Almond Biscotti a famous and secret family recipe that pairs perfectly with any coffee $1.50

Alfajores shortbread cookie sandwich | dulce de leche | toasted coconut and lemon zest

Frittata of the Day (v / gf) always vegetarian and gluten-free $4


Baguette-Dough Bagel plain, sesame, rosemary sea salt, parmesan, seeds $2

Family-Style Bagel same as above, but four times the size—great for parties, sharing, and making giant sandwiches | $8

Olive Fougasse ciabatta in fun shapes with extra crust, perfect for tearing, dipping, and sharing | olives | rosemary | extra virgin olive oil | sea salt $5

Raisin Fougasse (weekends only) ciabatta in fun shapes with extra crust, perfect for tearing, dipping, and sharing | golden raisins | cardamom glaze $5

San Francisco Sourdough just tangy enough–excellent for toast, sandwiches, and frying in butter $6

All My Friends are Bread Loaf (weekends only) rotating flavors of sourdough inspired by the coolest peeps and places in Denver

Sweet: orange zesty sourdough | cranberries | toasted pumpkin seeds $9

Savory: new flavor coming soon


Looking for some bread or pastries for your next company meeting, mimosa brunch, or half-birthday party? Give us a call or head over to this form to get started.