Meet the Founders

Two childhood friends open a bakery, and so much more.

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Zach Martinucci | Head Rebel

Zach loves telling stories about food, over food, and even through food.

He studied Culinary Anthropology at UCLA, and Professional Bread and Viennoiserie at the San Francisco Baking Institute. As the Head Baker at Rebel Bread, he now brings his passions for culture and cuisine together to craft story-worthy experiences over food.

Zach believes that food can (and should) tell the story of who we are. He is dedicated to challenging our relationship with food—one community, conversation, and loaf of bread at a time.

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Rene Hosman | Dollars and Sense

Rene is the founder of Little Bites Bakery, a Denver-based dessert catering company, and she believes that she didn't choose hospitality—hospitality chose her. From a young age she realized the power food has to bring people together, and she turned that into her first business, which brings exceptional desserts to people's celebrations. 

Spending her formative college years in Denver, she realized the need of the community to have not only cakes for special occasions, but also great baked goods in an everyday setting. Rene's background in hospitality and revenue management balances out the business and baking team behind Rebel Bread.