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Everyday Challahday: Savory Jewish Bakery Classics

  • Rebel Bread 2400 Curtis Street Denver, CO, 80205 United States (map)

Taught by Blaire Segal

In this workshop, you’ll bake two types of breads worthy of a great Jewish bakery display: gorgeous, glossy challah loaves and perfectly-rustic bialys. (For those unfamiliar, challah is an eggy, sweet braided bread that features in weekly Jewish Sabbath dinners and is the undisputed “Best Bread for French Toast” champion. Think of bialys as the bagel's hip cousin that moved to New York City to study fashion).

We’ll learn the history and cultural significance of these breads and demystify the process of creating sponges and cool-fermented doughs. Ever wondered what makes some breads dense and chewy while others are soft, pull-able and downright-velvety? We'll talk lean vs. enriched doughs, diving into the science behind what happens when eggs, fats, sugars and flavorings (AKA all the fun stuff) are added to basic bread dough.

You’ll leave with the confidence you need to go forth and create impressive, bakery-case-ready delights!


What to Bring:

Just yourself!
Comfortable closed-toed shoes
Optional: your favorite beverage of choice

What’s Provided:

All equipment and ingredients
Detailed recipe packets

What to Expect:

An understanding of the differences between lean and enriched bread doughs from both a cultural and scientific perspective
Hands-on experience creating both lean and enriched doughs, as well as multiple fillings and flavor variations, from scratch
Technical practice with various braid/plait styles you can apply to your own future bakes
A box of individual bread products to take home

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