Varsity Bread Team

Meet the production team that makes the magic happen. Every day. Starting at 4am.

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Liz Weintraub | Varsity Team Captain

When she’s not in the bakery at 4am loading ovens and egg washing brioche buns, you’ll find Liz enjoying Colorado’s incredible outdoor offerings. She finds inspiration for her bakes while snowboarding, hiking, playing volleyball and especially while working in her garden. Last year Liz trained at the San Francisco Baking Institute and staged at a number of bakeries around the Bay Area.

She is so excited to bake bread for Denverites seeking a more intimate connection with local artisans and goods. Liz kneads no further proof that life is definitely what you bake it.

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Sam Pennington | Over-Caffeinated Rage Baker

Sam has been on a (nearly) life-long quest to master beer brewing, barista-ing, and baking. Throughout his time living in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Madrid, Sam began baking at home because he couldn't find any good bread around.

He brings his creative home baking mastery and barista talent to Rebel, leading our coffee program and bringing bread and pastry inspiration from his travels.

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Erin Slater | Sheriff of Danish Town

Erin Slater was born in Bowling Green, Ohio, and has spent six years working in bakeries throughout Denver. Her professional interests include baguette-rolling, cookie-scooping, and danish-slicing.

As a hobby, she is pursuing a Master's of Accounting at UC Denver.

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Maya Dank | Sweets Fiend

Maya has had a passion for sweets and baking since she was a kid. She bakes a variety of goods for gatherings, fundraisers, meetings, and to share with friends. Working as a baker at Espresso Roma Café in Boulder, Maya baked glittery techno cupcakes and meta-terranean biscuits, among other creations. She is now excited to bake artisan bread and build community in the process.

When she isn't baking, Maya teaches at a Montessori school, is involved in community activism, and tends to her chickens.