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We love bread as much as you do, and want to challenge the relationship you have with your food. We're here to bring artisanal bread and thoughtful conversations into your community, one loaf or class at a time.

Our bread is handmade in Denver, naturally-fermented, gluten-reduced, and really big on character. 

We're Open!

Come by for fresh bread, pastries, coffee roasted in-house by elemnt coffee, zines, conversations about food, witty banter, and frequent yelling at Alexa to change the Pandora station.

Wednesday - Sunday

7:30a - 2:30p


You can also find our bread and pastries all week long at:

Sapor Coffee + Concepts / Blue Sparrow Coffee / Huckleberry Roasters at Dairy Block / Amethyst Coffee Broadway + Lakeside / Little Owl Coffee (Sunday Only) / Method Collective / Torpedo Coffee

Rebel Bread is located in The Temple Artists Collective in Curtis Park / Five Points.


2400 Curtis Street, Suite 1

Denver, CO 80205


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Zach Martinucci loves telling stories about food, over food, and even through food.

He studied Culinary Anthropology at UCLA, and Professional Bread and Viennoiserie at the San Francisco Baking Institute. As the Head Baker at Rebel Bread, he now brings his passions for culture and cuisine together to craft story-worthy experiences over food.

Zach believes that food can (and should) tell the story of who we are. He is dedicated to challenging our relationship with food—one community, conversation, and loaf of bread at a time.

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Listen to the Against the Grain podcast for weekly updates as we build a bakery, a community, and a relationship around bread.

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