Bread School Instructors

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Blaire Segal

Blaire is a self-professed lifelong “food nerd” who spent the first decades of her life baking (and eating) her way down the California coast, from San Francisco sourdough to West Hollywood Jewish pastries, before arriving in Boulder in 2013. From spending numerous childhood Saturday nights watching the original subtitled Iron Chef, to requesting a Bon Appetit subscription as a 14th birthday gift, Blaire has immersed herself in the world of food for as long as she can remember.

In her opinion, baking is the place where science meets storytelling, and is integral to events as small as everyday breakfast and as large as life’s grandest celebrations. She can’t wait to share stories with you!

Fall ‘19 Cohort | @bpastry


Brit Cardozo Lease

Brit has been baking from scratch ever since they found out raw eggs can give you salmonella, and her mom let her lick the spoon anyway. Now she bakes pies and other goodies as a side hustle to raising three little boys, who also love to lick the spoon.

Fall ‘19 Cohort | @artemisbakery


Lindsay Clark

Lindsay Clark is a writer and former educator newly based in Denver after spending the last eleven years abroad. Her travels taught her diverse culinary traditions from Japan to Ecuador and inspired her to recreate them at home, often with a personal twist. The universality of bread across cultures led to Lindsay’s interest in developing her own sourdough culture and baking bread for her community. Sourdough has become her outlet for creativity, productivity, and hospitality.

When she’s not baking, Lindsay is tutoring students at the Community College of Denver, tuning into politics, or heading outdoors to enjoy the landscapes that drew her here.

Fall ‘19 Cohort | @pangeasoven