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Bread School Guest Instructors

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Elana Berusch

Elana is a baker and food scientist who loves to push the boundaries of pastry, and aims to bridge the gap between the culinary and food science worlds. She believes that baking can and should be accessible to anyone who has the desire to learn, and strives to demystify recipes and techniques that seem intimidating.

She can typically be found testing new recipes, searching for interesting ingredients, and sharing baked goods with other people.

Spring ‘19 Cohort | @lanibakes

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Ryan Stoltzfus

Ryan is a barista heavily-involved in a love affair with all things grains. Growing up on a working farm in Kentucky taught him the importance of knowing where your food comes from and how it is grown, while his professional experience in bakeries around the world provided the backbone for his bread journey.

Inspired by his work in a coffee roasting business centered around farmer relationships, Ryan is driven to connect with grain farmers and to show consumers what is possible when they discover the world of grains.

Spring ‘19 Cohort | @drstoltzy

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Andrea Gralow

Andrea was born in the Czech Republic and has been living in Denver on and off for about 10 years. In addition to her professional background in clinical psychology, she is an avid baker, foodblogger and food photographer. Her time as an instructor in adult education, combined with her lifelong passion for all things gastronomic and gourmet, has inspired her to share her experience by offering you a unique view into authentic Central European cuisine.

She comes from both a family and a country with time-honored culinary traditions which are still quite unknown in Colorado, so she has made it her personal mission to introduce you to the best of them, starting now!

Spring ‘19 Cohort | @breadwindough




Zach Martinucci | Head Rebel

Zach loves telling stories about food, over food, and even through food.

He studied Culinary Anthropology at UCLA, and Professional Bread and Viennoiserie at the San Francisco Baking Institute. As the Head Baker at Rebel Bread, he now brings his passions for culture and cuisine together to craft story-worthy experiences over food.

Zach believes that food can (and should) tell the story of who we are. He is dedicated to challenging our relationship with food—one community, conversation, and loaf of bread at a time.


Rene Hosman | Dollars and Sense

Rene is the founder of Little Bites Bakery, a Denver-based dessert catering company, and she believes that she didn't choose hospitality—hospitality chose her. From a young age she realized the power food has to bring people together, and she turned that into her first business, which brings exceptional desserts to people's celebrations. 

Spending her formative college years in Denver, she realized the need of the community to have not only cakes for special occasions, but also great baked goods in an everyday setting. Rene's background in hospitality and revenue management balances out the business and baking team behind Rebel Bread.